Advanced Dust Extraction System for Industrial Environments

Let Us Elevate Your Work Environment to New Heights of Cleanliness and Safety with Our Cutting-Edge Industrial Dust Extraction System

At Mideco, we specialise in delivering high-quality industrial dust extraction solutions. Our goal is to efficiently remove harmful particles and contaminants from the air, ensuring a cleaner and safer working environment for your employees.

With a focus on innovation and sustainability, our dust collection systems are engineered to be compliant to occupational health regulations. We minimise energy consumption and environmental impact. From powerful clothes dedusting to toxic dust management and control systems, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to address industries facing challenging levels of dust contamination.

The need for preventative action is growing exponentially, as an increasing number of people are exposed to a level of dust pollution that’s treated as benign. Experience the difference that cutting-edge technology and expert engineering can make, and transform your industrial workspace into a cleaner, healthier environment.


Whether to solve a need for a comprehensive dust extraction system or a selection of spare parts – our products suit your collection needs at all stages of management.

Dust Extraction System Expert

Whether your dust is fine, coarse, dry, or hygroscopic, whether you project objective is to minimise operational expenditure or up-front capital cost. Mideco has the appropriate dust collector.

Industrial Dust Extraction

Limiting the blow-back of waste particulate matter when handling materials is key to managing health risks with a dust suppression hopper.


Personnel’s Dust Extraction System Solutions

For a comprehensive dedusting system that covers your most pressing uniform contaminants, our Bat Booth is the solution for you.

Innovative Industrial Dust Extraction System Solutions

Our Bat Vent offers industrial dust filtration fit for your on and off-site interiors, ensuring that dust management is maintained wherever you are in the workplace.

Personnel’s Dust Extraction System Solutions

For the cleansing of contaminants in important material stores and air quality, our Venturi Wet Scrubbers offer a resource-efficient means of recovering minerals for reuse.

Modelled after the naturally occurring cyclone, the Mideclone offers dust extraction with cyclone – based principles – removing heavier particles from an opposing air stream.

Produced to an international standard of particulate filtration, our industrial HEPA filters refine air contamination to 0.5 mcg/m3, keeping your dust extraction system medical-grade.


Mideco’s reverse air filter returns remarkable results where the dust load is extremely high and the emission is required to be very low.

Our products are highly technical, and take careful maintenance to ensure appropriate function – browse our dust collection accessories and spare parts to maintain the longevity and effectiveness of your equipment.

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Concerned over the health of your employees, and their risk of airborne dust exposure? At Mideco, we offer rapid, efficient, and secure solutions to safeguard your personnel.

Our approach aims to deliver a dust extract system targeting settled dust on personnel clothing, as well as accumulated dust particulate polluting indoor work spaces.

personnel dust protection


Continuous exposure to airborne dust particles poses a significant challenge for companies operating in sectors like mining, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals. At Mideco, our industrial dust extraction solutions are not only effective, but also revolutionary in addressing these pressing concerns.

We focus on products with a site-wide effect here, for large-scale and gaseous filtration.

Grain Handling





Bulk Material Handling

Cement Processing


Biomass Handling



Ruslan Gareyev

Quarry Manager

Fantastic products for silicosis prevention, highly recommend Mideco’s products.

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