For quarry operators, uncontrolled dust causes a multitude of problems and occupational health and safety concerns. Mideco’s solutions are simple and effective.

Multiple dust concerns

Dust and erosion in quarries not only pose a substantial risk to the health of those exposed, but also to expensive equipment. Dust build-up on machinery can cause frequent breakdowns, leading to unnecessary downtime and cost accumulation.

For personnel working directly or indirectly with natural materials in quarries, exposure to airborne dust can cause multiple respiratory illnesses such as silicosis, miner’s lung, pneumonia and even lung cancer.

Dust that escapes the site boundary with the help of wind or vehicles can also pose a health risk to neighbouring communities.

At Mideco, we are acutely aware of the significant legal, compliance and publicity implications of industrial dust at quarries. Without a robust dust collection solution in place, quarry operators face an ongoing struggle.

That’s why Mideco has risen to the challenge to solve all your industrial dust problems at quarries – anywhere in the world.

Bat Booth

The Mideco solution

Mideco’s expertise and innovative dust control solutions can help any business in quarrying meet the industry regulations and protect staff, equipment and neighbouring communities from the harmful effects of dust.

Our award-winning Bat Booth® design is based on the research by OSHA. This personnel de-dusting device has been specifically engineered to capture and permanently remove up to 88% of dust on clothing in seconds and is effective even against the smallest dust particles such as silica.

Our range of Dust Collectors, high quality dust filters and dust scrubbers, working independently or together with other dust control systems, can solve any dust issue in quarry operations.