About Mideco

Mideco is a global leader in industrial dust collection solutions. 

The Industrial
Dust Collection Experts

Australian-owned and operated, with agents in multiple countries, we deliver turnkey industrial dust collection solutions across a diverse range of industries.

Established in 1950, we bring together generations of expertise and unrivalled capacity to deliver tailored industrial dust collection solutions to keep thousands of employees healthy and safe.

Our combined strengths in modern engineering and personalised services are yours for the taking when you partner with us to solve your dust collection problems.

We don’t offer knock-and-drop services. Our extensive capabilities and track record of global success mean that we can confidently recommend the best dust collection technology for your needs and partner with you to ensure optimal application for a robust environment health plan.

We provide advanced industrial dust collection solutions for a wide range of highly regulated industries.

At the heart of our dedusting solutions is our Bat BoothTM. It uses nothing but pure air to capture dust from contaminated clothing, providing safety for the worker and the environment.

Our other state-of-the-art dust collection solutions include our unique Economy Filters, BurnleyTM Baffles, and our dust Scrubbing System.

Our commitment to dust elimination stretches to various corners of the globe – in countries such as Germany, UK and South Africa.

Our clients range from large multinationals to start-ups, but what unites them is a desire for clean air, healthy employees, and high quality, solutions-driven and precision-built products that meet the highest standards in environment health and safety.

Putting on our boxing gloves to fight industrial dust

Our commitment to workers’ health & safety

A recent spike in respiratory illnesses such as silicosis among Australian workers is placing the critical importance of dust management at the forefront.

Our commitment to workers’ health & safety

To safeguard workers against health challenges such as respiratory illnesses and heat stroke, we work hard to provide turnkey solutions that manage dust and diesel fumes in port bulk material storage sheds, control dust in hoppers for truck, rail or ship unloading, and continuously monitor workers’ temperatures through our Bat System.

Mideco takes a long-term view of every customer and potential customer.  We aim to develop partnerships that will last for years into the future.  Mideco has a history of coming to you no matter how remote the location. If you have a dust control problem, we aim to be a part of your solution.

Our smart technology allows for easy visitor control and fever checking, capturing all data on an internally integrated and automated system.

Our commitment to protect the environment

Medico’s robust dust collection solutions play a substantial role in protecting the environment against harmful pollutant particles. 

Our commitment to protect the environment

Our core commitment is simple: to protect. We follow strict industry standards to develop effective systems that protect our environment in places where it needs protection the most.

Whether you’re running an operation at a mine, quarry, industrial manufacturing plant, Road grains dumping Sites or factory... cleaner air is yours for the taking with our highly effective BurnleyTM Baffles, Scrubbing systems, Mideclone and industry-leading Dust Collecting filters.

The incredible Mideco story

More than seven decades ago, during World War II, Horace White worked as a construction manager, building factories in Australia.

After the war, Horace shook hands with construction entrepreneurs Mr Nichols and his son Jack Nichols… and Mideco was born.

In order to ‘buy’ his half of the company, Horace sold his large family home and traded it for a small house with a big backyard in Melbourne… with his sons sleeping in a tent attached to the back of the house.

During those years, Mideco operated as a plumbing business… later finding its niche in industrial heating and ventilation. Its name was short for Mechanical, Industrial, Domestic Engineering Company.

One Friday night in the late 1950s, Horace met Doug Draper, a manufacturing pioneer. Without really planning it, Horace and Doug combined their expertise at a moment’s notice to become the first Australian company to manufacture and distribute dust collectors… which were at that time only made and sold in America.

That weekend, with a brochure and a magnifying glass, Horace worked out how to make the dust collectors here in Australia. Horace calculated everything from the materials used to the number of bolts in the frame and design.

Early the following week, Ford Motor company received the quotation, and by the week’s end Mideco had an order from one of the largest and most prestigious manufacturers in Australia, and an agency from one of the most prestigious dust collection manufacturers in the world.

Mideco was now in the business of dust collectors.

Horace and Doug remained the best of friends and business associates until Doug’s quiet passing many years later.

In time, Don White, Horace’s son, bought out the Nichols and today both have passed, but Mideco lives on…

Mideco workers

Some Mideco highlights that followed

In 2006, Mideco patented a diesel fume control system for use in bulk material storage sheds, and received a Bulk Materials Handling Award for Environmental Project of the Year.

In 2014 we launched our flagship product, the Bat BoothTM

In providing highly effective and tailored industrial dust control and management solutions, Mideco climbed on a global stage and now stands proudly as an industry leader in environmental health and safety.

Our values - your protection

In everything we do at Medico, we place these values front and centre:

Honesty. There’s no sugar coating. We say what we mean and we mean what we say.

Responsibility. We’re responsible for delivering the best solutions for our clients’ health and environment success – and it’s a responsibility we’re not taking lightly.

Ownership mentality. Every team member takes ownership of each task to ensure the highest quality outcome.

Can-do attitude. Our entire team is solutions-driven, not problem focused. No challenge is too big. We have the drive and innovation to create tailored solutions.

Respect. We respect our clients, our colleagues, our environment and our heritage. This shows in our communication, products and services.

Roll with the punches. At Medico, we adapt ourselves to difficult circumstances – and we thrive through it.

Hard work. It’s simple – we don’t stop until it’s done… and done well.

Our Team

Our team is made up of experts in the field of industrial dust collecting solutions and is backed by years of experience in the field.

With environment health and safety as the epicentre of everything we do at Mideco, it comes as no surprise that our team consists of thought leaders in dedusting, dust suppression, Personnel Protection and Environment Protection.

Mideco embraces a culture of nurturing leaders by encouraging our staff to step up and to show initiative and self-confidence. We strongly believe that this, combined with their professional skills, ethics and values, is the key to our success at Mideco.

Mideco advocates a healthy work-life balance, encouraging diversity and inclusion… free of discrimination of any kind. We promote policies and values that establish a positive and productive organisational culture.

We’re incredibly proud of our well-prepared and experienced personnel. They provide exceptional service and the best quality products, exceeding our customers’ expectations and always keeping on top of every project we develop.

Working with Mideco means partnering with a company that truly listens, understands your challenges and combines our unique team expertise to come up with a tailored solution. Our bespoke solutions provide mutual environment and financial benefits to all parties.

We will recommend the most appropriate industrial dust collection solution based on our – and other – commercially available technologies.

Aiming to develop a partnership with our clients – from a telephone call for advice, running a training program, or servicing the equipment – Mideco will be there to assist with ongoing support.

Our work process

With more than 60 years of experience, we are your partner in environment technology

Consultation and need assessment

Our expert consultants actively assess your current dedusting system. We ask meaningful questions and dive deep to understand your needs.

Solution criteria

We develop a report that outlines our best suggestions that will act as efficient solutions to your dust problem. We take into consideration your scope of work, budget, timelines and maintenance needs going forward.

Solution design

We engage our best resources to design the most effective and appropriate solution. It doesn’t matter how long it takes us - we’ll work hard to develop the best, tailored, dedusting solution that will optimise your project.


This is where we actively engage you to map a way forward for you to effectively streamline your operations and use our dedusting systems to the best of their abilities. We empower you to take charge and take your environment health and safety into your own hands.

Maintenance and ongoing commitment

We build long lasting partnerships with each of our clients to ensure their dedusting systems are well maintained and taken care of. And if your operations expand - our excitement levels go through the roof, too! We’re alongside you on your journey of growth, making sure your dust collection issues are well taken care of.

Partner with the experts in industrial dust collection

Partnering with Mideco might be the smartest decision for your operation’s health and safety you’ll ever make.

Let Mideco solve your industrial dust problems. With our smart technology and real time reporting, you’ll never be left in the dark again about the health of your workers and visitors, or the state of your equipment.

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