Bat Booth® Standard

Bat Booth® Standard

Mideco’s flagship dedusting solution, our Bat® Booth, has been keeping personnel healthy in high-dust industrial areas around the world since 2014

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The major health concern

The Bat Booth® was created to solve some of the industrial sector’s most pressing health concerns – respiratory illnesses caused by airborne dust silica, like silicosis, ‘black lung’ (or miner’s lung), pneumonia and also non-respiratory issues such as heat stroke.

It has been proven that a dusty uniform leads to dangerous exposure levels to respirable dust. Respirable dust is particles considered to have an aerodynamic diameter of 10 microns or less and are able to enter and deposit into the gas-exchange region of the lungs.

Once clothes become contaminated, the person is more likely to be affected by respirable dust. Furthermore, the risk of dust exposure continues to remain until the dust source is cleaned or removed.

The Bat Booth® solution

With Mideco’s determination to keep workers safe from harmful respirable dust at the workplace, we’ve developed the Bat Booth® that’s been used in high dust areas such as mines, quarries and manufacturing plants all over the world.

The Bat Booth® Standard is our basic model and uses simple but effective technology to get rid of dust that has accumulated on the person’s clothing.

How it works

The dust collector fan draws clean air into the booth through louvres mounted high on the side panels, creating a downdraft. Simultaneously, the dedusting air jets blow the dust off the person’s clothing as they slowly turn around. The compressed air and dust are then carried with the clean air to the integrated dust collector.

During operation, the booth is maintained under negative pressure at all times. This simply means that all the dust removed is contained within the cleaning booth and captured by the dust collector before the cleaned air is exhausted.

Our Bat Booth® follows guidelines from the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH).

Our commitment to the protection from health concerns and harmful respirable dust comes in the form of one easy but robust solution – the Bat Booth®


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