Ultra-high efficiency

The Mideclones use a centrifugal action to separate particles from an airstream. In many cases and for many of our industrial clients, a Mideclone will be the only dust collection device that is needed.

With specific purpose designs and the world’s most advanced flow modelling techniques, our Mideclones are often used as a portion of a dust collection system running upstream from baghouses.

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How the Mideclone works

Our Mideclone derived its name from a cyclone as it occurs naturally in nature… which gives us an idea of the way it works.

The Mideclone works by forcing the incoming airstream to spin in a vortex. As the airstream is forced to change direction, the inactivity of the particles causes them to continue moving in the original direction and separate from the airstream.

In short: There are two vortices that are active simultaneously. The main vortex spirals downward and carries the coarser particles, while an inner vortex created near the bottom of the cyclone spirals upward and carries finer dust particles. This provides extremely effective dust particle separation.

(NIOSH [2019]. Dust Control Handbook for Industrial Minerals Mining and Processing)

Putting our Mideclone to work

Our Mideclones are typically used as a pre-cleaner to remove coarse particles that could otherwise damage the bags in fabric collectors or plug wet scrubbers.

At Mideco, we engineer 19 different sizes of the cyclones depending on the scale of your operations and your project needs.

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