Our economy filters take centre stage as being our best-selling filters… and with good reason. They have been designed to maximise the filter cloth area while minimising the space requirements. You can use our economy filters with pulse or shaker cleaning systems. Our economy filter range includes the essentials required for effective dust collection. The filter can be customised to suit your requirements with the addition of maintenance platforms, ladders, gas strut lids and insulation or cladding. Originally, our economy filter found its home on silo tops as a bin vent. Its unique design has since seen the economy filter used:

  • On conveyor transfer points
  • As a small or compact standalone filter with a hobber
  • In tight spaces – assembled in place
  • In low-head room applications
  • With offline reverse air heating to manage high moisture applications.

Our dedication to efficiency is evident by the ability to rebag the filter entirely from the clean side.