Our reverse air dust collector excels in extremely arduous conditions. Applications that involve high temperatures and high moisture, such as dryers, are easily handled by this type of filter.

Mideco’s reverse air filters return remarkable results in environments requiring hazardous dust management, where the dust load is extremely high and the emission is required to be very low. It’s also well suited to catch dust particles that are ultra-fine, hygroscopic or sticky.

The key to the success of the reverse air filter is its robust cleaning system. Reverse air cleaning is extremely effective and very gentle on the filter fabric, which means:

  • Lower dust emissions (10mg/Nm3)
  • Lower power consumption
  • A unique ability to preserve the filter bags

Our experience has shown that you can easily achieve 10 to 20 years on lead barton pots and carbon black banburies with our reverse air filters.

Our reverse air filter delivers a vast amount of cloth in a compact package. Combined with flexible inlet/outlet configurations, this allows the filter to fit in tight spaces in existing infrastructures as a space-wide dust extraction system.