Our tubular pulse filters are industry-leading and highly efficient, and incorporate forward-thinking technology for optimal performance. We’ve rounded up our top reasons to invest in tubular pulse filters for effective dust collection:

Ease of service

Mideco’s Tubular Pulse Filters have been designed for a no-tools-rebag, which means minimal downtime for refurbishment.

Safety first

Mideco’s ladders and access platforms have been designed to meet and exceed the Australian standards for occupational health and safety. All serviceable items are accessible from the top platform of the filter, which is completely free of trip hazards. The compressed air system includes a self-bleeding lockout ball valve.


We offer unrivalled flexibility on our Tubular Pulse filter range. The filter can accommodate a wide range of inlet/outlet sizes and positions, bag fabrics, mounting structures and casing materials. Our bag houses can be arranged as a stand-alone unit or incorporated into a cellular configuration that allows for individual cells to be taken offline for cleaning or maintenance.