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Fine dusts can be a health hazard to workers, particularly when the dust contains known carcinogens or silica. Research has shown that dusty clothing can elevate a workers exposure to dust 10 times that of a worker in clean clothing.

Mideco has a range of technologies available to meet any scrubbing requirement.

Venturi Scrubbers – are highly efficient scrubbers with minimum moving parts and wear points.

Peabody Plate Scrubbers – provide efficient dust collection with minimum pressure drop to minimise energy requirements.

Packed Tower Scrubbers – are for odour control.

To meet the requirements of any scrubbing application, Mideco can provide:

  • customised instrumentation and control systems
  • alternative materials such as stainless steel
  • specialised paint/coating systems

Venturi Scrubbers

Venturi Scrubbers are a simple but effective, highly efficient dust scrubbing system.  The efficiency vs energy consumption balance can be optimised using the adjustable venturi throat damper.

The simple, low maintenance design makes them highly suitable for extremely arduous and remote installations.  Mideco has designed this scrubber to all but eliminate wearing parts to minimise the need for repairs and spare parts.

Peabody Plate Scrubbers

Mideco Peabody Plate scrubbers are able to achieve high efficiencies using a low pressure drop.  Overall efficiency can be tailored to the application by increasing the number of stages in the scrubbing process.

The water spray systems consist of removable lances that allow the jets to be cleaned without entering the vessel.  This makes maintenance both easier and safer.

Packed Tower Scrubbers

Mideco designs and manufactures packed tower scrubbers that are effective in treating a wide range of odours.  Each application is unique and requires consideration of:

  • the chemical nature of the odour to identify a suitable scrubbing liquid.
  • the nature of  the odour and the scrubbing liquid chemistry to select a compatible construction material and finish

Dosing systems are usually required on odour control scrubbers.  Mideco design and supply automated monitoring and dosing systems to maintain the chemical balance of the scrubbing liquid.

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