Agriculture processing and fertiliser manufacturing are operations that can cause high levels of hazardous dust. Mideco’s robust dust collection solutions for the agricultural sector are highly effective and easy to use.

The dust dangers

Agriculture is one of the sectors with the highest dust activity, due to a combination of occupational hazards and a large percentage of the population employed in the industry. Respiratory hazards in barns, manure pits, machinery and silos range from acute to chronic air contaminants and may have various negative health effects.

Dust exposure is a particularly pressing occupational health and safety issue during grain production and unloading. Inhalation of grain dust may affect the nose and lungs and lead to a number of respiratory health problems. Soy dust in particular may lead to serious health conditions, since this product contains a number of recognised allergens. The use and unloading of soya products have been associated with allergies and occupational asthma.

In extreme cases, where other factors are involved, a significant amount of dry grain dust can result in explosions that may lead to injuries and closure of the facilities.

Fertilizer manufacturing

In fertilizer manufacturing, dust is generated once the three main ingredients – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – are processed into a granular substance and moved by conveyor belts through a process that applies the coatings, mixes the product and packages it for shipping. Handling, transportation, unloading and equipment cleaning can also cause substantial dust release.

Fertiliser dust may contain a wide variety of metals and components that could be harmful to those exposed. It can lead to nose and throat irritation, various respiratory and immune problems and affect skin and eyes.

This type of dust is also particularly dangerous due to its high combustible qualities, so dust control during fertiliser manufacturing and handling cannot be overlooked.

Bat Booth

Mideco rises to the challenge

Mideco’s dust control solutions can help any agricultural business minimise dust emissions and provide a safe work environment. We also help businesses manage dust emissions associated with fertiliser use in agriculture.

Our internationally patented dust suppression devices – Burnley® Baffles – have been designed especially with the grain industry and fertiliser manufacturing in mind. They reduce the escape of dust from dump hoppers handling dry granular bulk raw materials such as grains and ores using only the principles of air movement. They will dramatically reduce grain dust emissions during train, ship, rail or via front end loader methods of unloading.

Our range of Dust Collectors, working independently or together with other dust control systems, can solve any dust issue during grain handling.

Mideco’s award winning Bat Booth®, a unique dust extraction device able to remove up to 88% of dust from staff’s clothing, will reduce overall dust exposure. It is equipped with powerful HEPA filters that are effective against even the smallest dust particles.