Suppressing dust escape from dump hoppers

The clouds of dust that escape during the materials handling process pose extreme health risks to anyone nearby. The exposure to such silica dust can lead to the development of silicosis, lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Our commitment to reduce airborne dust as much as possible in these conditions has seen the rise of our popular Burnley® Baffles.

When applied to a hopper alone, Burnley® Baffles can eliminate up to 80% of dust… and if you apply an additional dust collector directly to a hopper, 100% of dust can be eliminated.

How the Burnley® Baffles work

The Burnley® Baffles function through extremely simple yet highly effective principles of gravity and air movement.

They consist of a set of modules that fill the open inlet face of a hopper. Each module contains a set of blades that pivot to allow the material to flow into the hopper.

The baffles strip the air moving through the hopper of grain or ore, due to the air pressure on all sides of the baffles being all but constant.

As the air is not heavy enough to open the blades, only the product enters the hopper, while the dust remains below the blades.

The competitive advantage of Burnley® Baffles is hard to beat. They’re easy to install, virtually maintenance-free, can be customised to a hopper of any size and are available in various sizes to suit different types of dry granular bulk raw material.

The Burnley® Baffles come in five different model types, depending on the granular material that is involved:

  • Grain
  • Cement and clinker
  • Fertiliser
  • Soda ash
  • Ores
  • Coal… or others.

Burnley® Baffles are working around the globe… with current installations in Australia, the US, Canada, New Zealand, China, UK and Ireland.