Environment dust

Continuous exposure to airborne dust particles is a headache for many companies working in sectors such as mining, agriculture and pharmaceutical. Mideco’s environment dust collection solutions in the industrial space are effective and revolutionary.

Dust collecting filters

Our Dust and Fume Filters have been carefully engineered to provide exceptional filtration efficiency and savings on energy.

BurnleyTM Baffles

Our internationally patented dust suppression device, BurnleyTM Baffles reduces the escape of dust from dump hoppers handling dry granular raw materials.

Scrubbing systems

Our Dust Scrubbing Systems effectively collect particulate matter or gaseous pollutants by using different technologies


Mideclones, our high-efficiency cyclones, use a centrifugal action to separate dust particles from an airstream.


We supply a range of highly effective dust suppression chemicals – Dustron® – designed to suppress fugitive dust particles.

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