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Bat Vent

Dust accumulating in enclosures or site offices can be just as harmful as respirable dust on clothing and outdoors. Our Bat Vent is a highly effective industrial dust collector, developed to keep the air indoors clean.

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Combatting Respirable Dust Indoors With Control Room Dust Protection

Sadly, the battle against dust does not stop on the worksite. Airborne dust travels easily entering offices, booths, control rooms, and other site-based structures used for administrative work, which poses health risks to everyone in the vicinity… and headaches for managers trying relentlessly to keep all their personnel safe.

Well, Mideco (once again) has the solution. Because we’re serious about the health and safety of people working in dust-heavy industries around the globe, we’ve rounded up all our best resources, and we now introduce the Bat Vent. 

The revolutionary Bat Vent purifies and filters surrounding air before it enters the enclosures on-site. This dust extraction system comes on the heels of our other highly successful dust collection solutions, including the Bat Booth® (a personnel dedusting system) and Burnley® Baffles (a bulk handling dust suppression system).

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How the Bat Vent works

Managing control room dust protection, the unit prevents and minimises risks in the workplace by purifying and filtering the air that enters offices or enclosures located near plants or facilities that cause dust emissions.

The Bat Vent’s technology works in different stages:

Firstly, the air enters the Bat Vent through vents.

Secondly, the air flows down through a prefilter. The function of the prefilter is to protect the HEPA filter from becoming prematurely blocked as a result of high-level dust contamination.

After passing through the prefilter, the air will flow down through the HEPA filter, which strips dust particles from the airstream.

Lastly, the air exits the filtration compartment and is drawn into the fan and pushed into the room at a certain volume and pressure. A pressure monitor inside the room measures the room pressure and adjusts the fan speed using a variable speed driver. If the room pressure is too low, it will speed up the fan, and if the pressure is too high, it will slow the fan down.

Once this process is completed, air will exit the room through an air outlet.

Our Bat Vent meets standards set by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Recognised Standard 20.

The Bat Vent’s unique solution

The Bat Vent protects workers who are not directly exposed to the main source of dust but who work nearby on a regular basis. In the past few months, Australia has seen cases of silicosis among employees working in admin buildings near quarries. Unfortunately, this happened because they were unaware of the health risks involved.

Many of us spend a large portion of our lives at work. Mideco understands that, whatever industry you work in, health and safety come first for everyone involved. This is why we created the Bat Vent – alongside our other personnel dedusting solutions – to minimise exposure of workers who might not realise that they are in fact indirectly exposed to dust.

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