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Many food items are both hygroscopic and dusty. There are also the added issues of high-end hygiene requirements and limited space.

Solutions and outcome:

Mideco has provided Flavour Makers multiple Dust Collectors and Mideclones (Cyclones).

The perfect fit for Flavour Makers and its processes are the Economy Pulse Jet Filters.

The Mideco ECP range of Dust Collectors is primarily designed to provide the largest possible cloth area in the smallest case size possible. The design constraints were ease of maintenance inclusive of all the occupational health and safety issues.

The Dust collectors design for Flavour Makers included some of the following features:

  • The cases of their cases are made from 3mm Stainless Steel sheet so the filter is protected both inside and out permanently.
  • Polypropylene cages eliminate the risk of rust in the moisture laden environment to keep the bags opened to maximize filtering capacity.
  • Reverse pulse cleaning System with sets of jet tubes, solenoids & valves mounted on manifold. The manifold and pulse system are capable of having any valve and or jet tube removed individually which allows for specific attention to any other component.
  • There is a safety ball valve to isolate the system from the air supply. This valve automatically bleeds the air from the manifold when the air supply is isolated, eliminating compressed air risk.
  • The pulse timer is inclusive of a transformer which steps the power down from 240V AC to 24V DC. This feature allows even non-qualified personnel to attend to pulse cleaning system maintenance issues.
  • 100% Australian made product.

The Mideclones are Mideco’s high efficiency cyclones that use centrifugal action to remove large particles from the air stream. The particles drop to the bottom of the cyclone and the clean air vents out the top.
During the operation of the Cyclone two vortices are created. The main vortex carries the coarser dust particles downwards and the inner vortex carries the finer dust particles upwards, working in most of the cases as a precleaner of the air that is going through the fabric collectors, the mideclone removes coarse dust particles to minimise the damage in the bags.
Our cyclones were originally designed by a collaboration of two gentlemen considered experts in this field, one English and the other American, this was back in the early 1960’s. They checked each other’s designs and together confirmed the designs were correct. More recently Mideco again had the designs checked by the CSIRO using computer modelled simulations, the feedback was the designs were optimum for our type of work and operating pressures.
As mention before Mideco appreciates the trust that Flavour Makers has put on our products for different processes within the company, and prides itself with high quality products made for every dust challenge.

Flavour Makers