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How A Dust Collector Helps Keep Your Employees Safe – Our Bat Booth

A good working environment is built upon three things: safety, cleanliness, and comfortable working conditions. For industries that regularly produce smoke, dust, or any other pollutants, the third option may be quite difficult to uphold than others.

Mideco is an Australian-owned and operated dust collection company delivering state-of-the-art solutions to industries around the world since the 1950s.

In this article, we’ll be speaking from experience explaining how a dust collector system works, its benefits, and highlighting how crucial it is for your employees’ overall safety and well-being.

Let’s get started.


The Dangers of Neglecting Dust Management

If your employees regularly come into contact with anything that produces dust, dirt, or residue, they expose themselves to the risk of developing health conditions over time.

Dust can accumulate in a uniform or even personal protective equipment (PPE), and if left unchecked throughout the workday, employees can inhale this dust. Respirable dust measures around <10µm (microns) and can easily enter one’s lungs.

As a company, not only does this hurt the safety and well-being of your employees, but it also lowers productivity due to absenteeism and respiratory issues such as 

such as silicosis, ‘black lung’ disease, and pneumonia.

Other repercussions may lead to a higher turnover rate as fewer employees are willing to put up with unhealthy working conditions. Furthermore, some types of dust can be combustible, and if not cleaned out properly, may result in fire or explosion risk.

These unsafe working conditions may also result in legal repercussions, which can hurt both your company’s reputation and finances.

A dust collector is an excellent and vital addition to industries that often face this issue as they provide clean air to the workplace, allowing your employees to safely conduct their work in tip-top shape.


How Does it Work?

To see is to believe – at Mideco we would love to highlight by explaining how our very own dust collector (Bat Booth® Standard) works:



Our Bat Booth® works by using simple but effective technology to decontaminate work uniforms and PPE. They also follow the guidelines and regulations set by the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH).

First, the Bat Booth® draws clean air into the booth by creating a downdraft. This is done through the louvres mounted on the side panels. While this is happening, dedusting air jets simultaneously blow off the dust off the work uniform/PPE as they turn around. 

However, what happens to the dust? The booth is under negative pressure at all times during operation, meaning the dust is carried with the clean air to be transferred to the dust collector.


Keep Workplaces Clean and Safe with Mideco

At Mideco, our Bat Booth® is a testament to our dedication to protecting your employees from harmful respirable dust. However, you can also actively partake in this effort by combining the Bat Booth® with general cleaning and proper ventilation procedures to maximise safety.

With that in mind, wiping down surfaces and machinery before and after every shift and having a well-maintained ventilation system will keep the dust manageable to a certain degree.

Got any questions, concerns, or inquiries? Contact us today, and let our advanced industrial dust collection solutions, trusted by mines, quarries, and manufacturing plants worldwide help you solve all your dust issues.