APD Proyectos offers high level strategic advisory services supporting responsible extractive industries that operate within Ecuador. They assist clients in various subjects that contribute to their company’s growth in the mining and power generation sectors.


Watching over and improving the health and safety of workers in the mining industry in south America, throughout high-quality products, is one of APD Proyectos main goal.

Solution & Outcome:

Our Agent in Ecuador (APD Proyectos) sold various of our Bat Booth Premium to the South America market. The final destination for these units was Acuacorriente S.A with an open pit mining operation in the southern Ecuador.
Mideco’s Bat booth Premium was created as a Quick, Safe and Effective clothes cleaning method, whereby workers at various processing operations can clean their dust soiled clothing periodically and throughout the workday.
The Mideco Bat Booth Premium as well as our Bat Booth Standard uses high volumes of low pressure compressed air to safely dislodge dust from the contaminated clothing. This method of cleaning takes only 10-12 seconds and removes up to 88% dust of the workers’ clothes. However, the brilliant feature of this advanced Bat booth is its capacity to measure the person body’s temperature throughout a medical calibrated infra-red sensor, sending immediate alerts to managers preventing their workers to develop heat stroke or heat stress as well as the possible presence of a virus.
Mideco appreciates the hard job from of APD Proyectos and the trust of Ecuacorrientes S.A on our products.