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Workers to breathe easier with The Common Good and Mideco alliance

Tradies exposed to inhaling contaminants while on the job have a new alliance to help tackle the risks of occupational lung disease.

Melbourne-based Mideco has launched several innovative products for use at dusty sites to decontaminate tradies who have been exposed to dust. Using a combination of negative and positive pressure, these products aim to remove contaminated particles from clothing.

Workers whose clothing is covered in dust are 10 times more likely to be at risk of exposure to contaminants.

Mideco’s range of Bat products will now also provide financial support to medical research charity The Common Good, an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, based at one of Australia’s largest specialist lung centres.

“We were aware of the efforts of The Common Good to tackle occupational lung disease, particularly the work they are funding in the silicosis space. As a company, we want to be part of meaningful solutions for the community, and this is another way to show just how committed we are to keeping tradies safe,” said Melton White, Director of Mideco.

Lung disease is the greatest threat to the health of tradies. Whether it be cutting engineered stone bench tops, cutting concrete, farmers ploughing their fields, or those working in quarries and mines – the number of tradies at risk could be 600,000*.

The Common Good is driving the development of treatments to treat the early stages of silicosis, and in the past year has undertaken patient trials on 15 young stone masons. The treatment is a whole-lung lavage which flushes the lungs with saline, and in turn vacuums the released silica particles. The research team is able to identify the volume of silica before and after the treatment, and the response seen to date from patients is promising.

The Common Good through their fundraising efforts and alliances with companies such as Mideco are looking to expand silicosis research whilst also committing to increasing research into occupational lung diseases.

“We know larger companies across construction, mining, and agriculture are making huge investments into the safety of workers, and we now have to address those individual tradespeople who may be taking precautions, and those who have already contracted lung disease. We want to ensure their hard work doesn’t cost them their quality of life” said Michael Hornby CEO of The Common Good.

“Having Mideco join us is a perfect fit – they are providing critically important prevention and with that success, are sharing the profits to save the lives of others”.

To know more about Mideco and check their products, go to  Effective Personnel Dedusting Solutions | Mideco (

For more information on silicosis and the research into occupational lung disease see The Common Good.

*2011 Cancer Council Report