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In 2014, The facility in Kwinana was using two existing wharf hoppers when unloading clinker from supply ships/vessels using a 20T grab. This process produced vast amounts of dust that contaminates the wharf and surrounding properties.


In applications such as this, the dust is liberated because it is carried by air that is displaced from the hopper when the product is dropped into it. This system will operate by enclosing the top of the hopper with Burnley® Baffles. This encapsulates most of the air that would have been displaced. Here are the model and other resources for the dust control:

Dust Collectors complete with

  • Filter support frame including
  • Trough hopper c/w integral screw conveyor
  • High level probe
  • 4kW rotary screw compressor

Outcome: (commissioning targets)

Total flow for one hopper fitted with Burnley® Baffles was 15,500m³/h.
Filter efficiency in the region of 99.9%+ for particles ≥ 0.5µm.

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