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Qube Ports – Kwinana WA

Background information

The facility in Kwinana uses two existing wharf hoppers when unloading Klinker from supply ships/vessels using a 20T grab. This process produced vast amounts of dust that contaminates the wharf and surrounding properties.

Commissioning targets

Total flow for one hopper fitted with Burnley® Baffles was 15,500m³/h.
Filter efficiency in the region of 99.9%+ for particles ≥ 0.5µm.


  • Burnley Baffle galvanised support frames
  • Model 2 Burnley® Baffles
  • Mideco Model ECP 48

Dust Collectors complete with

  • Filter support frame including
  • Trough hopper c/w integral screw conveyor
  • High level probe
  • 4kW rotary screw compressor