Kotzur is a leading manufacturer of bulk storage and handling facilities for the agricultural, mining and manufacturing sectors. They utilise the latest research information to serve a diverse portfolio of Australian and International clients, committed to ensuring their clients are equipped with the latest technology and advice.


In 2014, Kotzur was looking for a Dust collector for grain specifically, due to that the handling of this material creates a lot of Dust that, not only is environmental dangerous, but affects the health and safety of workers.


Based upon the Data supplied and taking into account, Mideco supplied the ECP 32 Economy Pulse Filter, galvanised body and hopper with butterfly valve & legs. Fan supplied by customer rated for 5,400m³/h at 1.4kPa. Anti-static bags for grain.


Cleaner efficiency of >99% for particles >0.5 microns.

Polypropylene cages guaranteed for twenty years.

The case of the filter and dust hopper is 2mm galvanised steel sheet so the filter is protected both inside and out permanently.

Discharge outlet inclusive of manually operated butterfly valve.

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