Founded in 1993, Kinross Gold is a gold mining company with a diverse portfolio of mines and projects in the United States, Brazil, Chile, Ghana, Mauritania, and Russia. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Kinross employs approximately 9,000 people worldwide. The Company is focused on delivering value through operational excellence, balance sheet strength, disciplined growth, and responsible mining.

During the day-to-day operations of Kinross Gold, the exposure of hazardous dusts, fumes and mists from the industrial stack gases release to the atmosphere, creates pollution, and serious health problems among workers and the community around.


Mideco provided a Model 10 Venturi scrubber to the Chirano Gold crushing and screening plant to deal with this hazard some time back. This unit had rusted out completely and needed to be replaced.


Mideco Manufactured and supplied a new Model 10 scrubber specifically for export during the pandemic. Being a relatively simple piece of equipment, which can easily be maintained and operated on site, it will perform with acceptable dust collection efficiency on the plant for many years.

The Mideco Venturi Scrubber is designed to maximise collection efficiency while minimising operating and maintenance costs.

The scrubber uses energy in the process gas or particulate stream itself to make the scrubbing liquid interact. The gas is accelerated to a high velocity at the scrubber throat, where it comes into contact with the scrubbing liquid (in most cases water). The liquid is atomised into a mass of fine droplets which entrap the particulate and absorbs gaseous pollutants with high collection efficiency.

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