Incitec Pivot Fertilisers has a proud and long heritage based in Australian agriculture, and their team is focused on building on this great foundation.
they are so much more than a bulk commodity supplier, their people, products and services support farming communities and feed millions. they believe in science, innovation and maximising soil potential.


In 2012, Incitec Pivot was looking for a product that helps them with the dust control for fertiliser hopper, user-friendly and easy maintenance.


Mideco offered a ECP 48 Economy pulse filter in stainless steel, primarily designed to provide the largest possible clothe area in the smallest case size possible. The design constraints were ease of maintenance inclusive of all the occupational health and safety issues and then being able to use by the least skilled labour to perform any given task.


  • The filter casing is made from 2mm Stainless steel sheet so the filter is permanently protected both inside and out.
  • Reverse pulse cleaning System with 24 sets of jet tubes, solenoids & valves mounted on manifold. The manifold and pulse system are capable of having any valve and or jet tube removed individually & allow for specific attention to any component without disturbing others.
  • Polypropylene cages to keep the bags opened to maximise filtering capacity