Impact Fertilisers was founded in 1994 and over the past two decades has grown into a leading supplier of fertilisers in Eastern Australia, including Tasmania. The company has nine distribution centres on the mainland and six depots in Tasmania. In addition, Impact Fertilisers’ manufacturing facility in Tasmania produces high-quality SSP that delivers critical nutrient inputs to the Australian farming industry.


Fertiliser raw materials are lifted out of the hull of a ship by clam shell grab and dropped into a land-based hopper. The dust released with each dump was an issue.


In 2003, Mideco supplied and installed a set of Burnley® Baffles (49 in total)


Minimised the dusk released with each dumb in up to 80% ( Mideco does not claim Burnley® Baffles will totally eliminate all dust, we normally offer them with a small dust collector. However, in this case the customer was satisfied with the outcome using only the Burnley® Baffles.)