Holcim-Brightwater Engineering


Brightwater started in 1969 as a small fabrication workshop with five employees and has grown to provide bespoke engineering solutions, industrial installation services and maintenance, fabrication and manufactured products to a number of sectors including Quarry, Industrial Energy, Water Treatment, Dairy, Forestry, Coal and Structural upgrades.


In 2013 Brightwater Engineering was building quarry infrastructure for the Holcim, Rooty Hill
project. As part of this project, dust management at a rail wagon unloading hopper has
to be addressed.


The Mideco ECP 120 economy pulse jet dust Collector is primarily designed to provide the largest possible cloth area in the smallest case size possible, and in this case better suited this project. The design constraints were ease of maintenance inclusive of all the occupational health and safety issues.


  • Easy maintenance equipment, the pulse timer is inclusive of a transformer which steps the power down from 240V AC to 24V DC. This feature allows non-qualified personnel to attend to pulse cleaning system maintenance issues.
  • Low risk for personnel, There is a safety ball valve to isolate the system from the air supply. This valve automatically bleeds the air from the manifold when the air supply is isolated, eliminating compressed air risk.

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