GE Group Australia, formerly known as Geraldton Engineering, was established in Geraldton in 2004 by Roger Watts. The initial aim was to provide a quality machining and fabrication shop to Geraldton and the surrounding Mid-West region. Roger and his management team have over twenty years combined experience in the petroleum industry.


The end user was a contract material handling firm, unloading various materials from ships and delivering them to local customers. The ship unloading process involved a clam shell grab and each time the product was dropped into the hopper dust was released.
Local authorities had informed the end user that this dust had to be managed before they would be allowed to unload another ship and the next ship was due in six weeks.


In 2008, Geraldton Engineering supplied and installed a system inclusive of Mideco’s Burnley® Baffles and a Mideco model 15A Dust Collector. The whole project was delivered within the six-week window.