Bostik Broadmeadows is a grout and ceramic adhesive blending and packing plant.
This process involves handling various different sand like and chemical powders
including cement and others.


Many of the processes liberate dust from the powders which are unpleasant and are a risk from an occupational health and safety perspective. There is currently a cobbled together dust collection system installed, however it is not satisfactory and is to be replaced.
The result being dust was escaping several processes, the working environment was consistently dusty. The plant is limited for space and has many truck movements.


In 2011, Mideco offered a model 9A dust collector, which is a reverse air cleaned dust collector.


  • The cages are a poly plastic cages, that are of a more similar material to the bags as a result they do not pierce the bags when they rub against them. They do not crack at the welds or break. They last for many years and just do not fail.
  • The Reverse Air System is chain driven and very simple in concept. It is very easy to maintain.

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