Arthur Yates


From its very beginnings, Yates has prided itself on supplying quality products, which is a company policy that is of paramount importance. Although traditionally best known for its packet seed range, Yates now manufactures and distributes an extensive range of garden products. These include fertilisers, plant protection products, garden accessories, lawn seeds and potting mixes.


A Biofilter Odour control system scrubbing air from chicken manure driers and cyclones was being damaged and regularly failing as a result of dust contamination. The dust was explosive and the air stream that carried it was very hot extremely humid and highly corrosive.


REVERSE AIR CLEANED (RAC) Bag house Dust Collectors are designed and built to provide industry with a dust collection device that offers an extremely high collection efficiency, by today’s standards. The (RAC) filters are however not just built for today. Due to the fact that dust collectors are expensive and important pieces of capital equipment, we build RAC filters to last as long as your Plant.
In 2002 A Mideco Reverse Air Baghouse was introduced to remove dust from the waist air stream between the dryers and the Odour Control System. The Baghouse used a heated bag cleaning system to protect the filter bags from the moisture contained in the moist air stream.


We use the special features of the RAC filter and apply it so that we can guarantee a collection efficiency of 99.9% of all particulate matter down to 0.5 microns in size and consequently reducing exponentially for smaller particles. This generally equates to an emission lower than 10 mg/Nm3 for dusts so small that it borders on being a fume.



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