AHRENS (Burnley Baffles & Economy Dust Collectors) SA 2019 – J1371


Ahrens is a national full-service construction, engineering and mining services company, delivering a complete range of project services and cost-effective solutions. They had a contract to construct a grain receiving and export facility that required dust management.


Multiple locations required traditional negative pressure dust extractors. However, the grain receival hopper required something more than traditional negative pressure. They also wanted to minimise material handling with regard to dust.

Solution and outcome

Mideco proposed a solution inclusive of two products, they were Burnley Baffles and Dust Collectors

Burnley® Baffles

For this application we recommended Mideco Model 1 Burnley® Baffles, 1.6mm thick Galvanised sheet, bolted construction. The hoppers will require support members at the edges and intermittent locations to install the Burnley® Baffles.

In applications such as this, the dust is liberated because it is carried by air that is displaced from the hopper when the product is dropped into it. This system operates by enclosing the top of the hopper with Burnley® Baffles. This encapsulates most of the air that would have been displaced. For more information on Burnley® Baffles, see the video on the Mideco web site www.midecoHSE.com

Dust Collectors

For this application Mideco recommended our range of Economy Jet Pulse Cleaned Dust Collectors which are modular in design, allowing for expansion of the unit to suit varying system requirements.

Each model contains a number of rectangular, envelope style filter bags which are 1.04m long and 0.90m wide. The Mideco Economy Jet Pulse Cleaned range of dust collectors is primarily designed to provide the largest possible cloth area in the smallest case size possible. The design constraints were ease of maintenance inclusive of all the occupational health and safety issues and then being able to use for any labour in the field to perform any given maintenance task.

The Standard Economy Design for this project is inclusive of:

  • The manifold and pulse system, capable of having any valve and/or jet tube removed individually, allowing specific attention to components without disturbing any others.
  • There is a safety ball valve to isolate the system from the air supply. This valve automatically bleeds the air from the manifold when the supply is isolated, thus eliminating compressed air risk
  • The pulse timer is inclusive of a transformer to step the power down from 240V AC to 24V DC allowing unskilled labour to attend the pulse system if required.
  • There is a door in the filter case immediately above the base flange allowing for access to the dirty air chamber should it be required.
  • The case of the filter is 2mm 304 Stainless Steel sheet so the filter is protected both inside and outside permanently.
  • Polypropylene bag cages which are impervious to corrosion and guaranteed for 20 years.
  • All products manufactured by Mideco are 100% Australian Made, using the highest quality materials available.

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