Ahrens is a national full-service construction, engineering and mining services company, delivering a complete range of project services and cost-effective solutions. Ahrens consists of over 300 employees Australia-wide. Their people represent a diversity of backgrounds and skills but are aligned through a shared set of values and a desire to be the best they can.


In 2014 Ahrens was looking to expand and upgrade their current storage and handling facilities. Mainly cement facility supplied by ships utilizing a shore-based piping system delivering the product to silos or a storage shed.


After a few visits to the place and analysing all factors, Mideco delivered the following solutions:

  • Refurbish (1) existing Mideco RAF21A Reverse Air Dust Collector at North end of receiving shed
  • Supply (1) new self-standing Mideco FP15A Flat Pulse Dust Collector for the South end of receiving shed
  • Supply (2) new Mideco FP15A Flat Pulse silo top Dust Collectors for the storage silos
  • Supply (1) new Mideco ECP20 Economy Dust Collector for truck out-loading area


Uniformity across the entire site, as the existing Dust Collector and
proposed new Dust Collectors, all utilise the same filter bags and accessories.
Mideco service crew serviced in the area every alternative month and were able to
provide quality service at local price, to ensure that the equipment has been kept in top
operating condition at all times

  • Total flow for 2 filters serving storage shed, 63,900 m³/h for Shed Ventilation
  • Total flow for 2 filters serving (4) storage silos, 59,800 m³/h for Silo Ventilation
  • Total flow for 1 filter serving truck loading spout, 3,000 m³/h for Truck Loading Ventilation
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