The Bat Station - a smart body temperature monitoring solution

With occupational health and safety at the forefront of your operation, you’ll need a simple yet highly effective solution of body temperature monitoring and visitor tracking. The Bat Station is your solution.

Simple and effective temperature monitoring

The Bat Station solves the problem of possible heat stress in your employees, detection of illness among visitors or employees and general tracking of anyone visiting your premises.
The Bat Station is easy to operate, provides real-time feedback and has large data storage and distribution capabilities.

There are two components to a bat station:

1. A tablet fitted with an infrared thermal camera, and

2. A digital management portal that is accessible from any location.

The specs include:

HKVision thermal imaging camera with accuracy to 0.3°C

  • Accurate temperature reading from different facial areas – providing a more accurate measurement, especially in hotter environments
  • Dual cameras for 99.7% accurate face recognition
  • Multiple face-tracking support
  • Face recognition completed under 1 second
  • Supports ID tags.

The Bat Station has two options for installation to suit your needs. You can choose between a desk mount and a floor stand.

The Bat Station might just be the perfect health tracking solution you need for your operations.

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