The Bat BoothTM [Premium]

On the back of the success of our Bat BoothTM Standard, we’ve created the Bat BoothTM Premium which combines simple de-dusting with body temperature checking, smart integrated technology and real time reporting.

Addressing major health concerns

The Bat BoothTM was created to solve some of the industrial sector’s most pressing health concerns – respiratory illnesses caused by airborne dust silica, like silicosis, ‘black lung’ (or miner’s lung), pneumonia and also non-respiratory issues such as heat stroke.

It has been proven that a dusty uniform leads to dangerous exposure levels to respirable dust. Respirable dust is made of particles considered to have an aerodynamic diameter of 10 microns or less and are able to enter and deposit into the gas-exchange region of the lungs.

Once clothes become contaminated, the person is more likely to be affected by respirable dust. Furthermore, the risk of dust exposure continues to remain until the dust source is cleaned or removed.

The full-service Bat BoothTM Premium solution

The need for immediate reporting and smart data capturing along with effective dedusting and temperature monitoring has been the drive behind the creation of our best-seller, the Bat BoothTM Premium.

The Bat BoothTM Premium is based on the sleek, simple and effective design of the Bat BoothTM Standard. But its extra features make it a game-changer in quick and easy dedusting and health data management.

The Bat BoothTM Premium uses a medically calibrated infra-red sensor to measure the person’s body temperature, which can catch early signs of heat stress. It does this in less than half a second and displays it on a screen immediately.

The control panel inside the booth changes colour and displays an instruction based on the temperature.

Thereafter, The Bat BoothTM Premium uses the National Institute for Occupational Health & Safety (NIOSH) design of high volume, low pressure compressed air to safely remove dust from the person’s clothing. This takes only 10-12 seconds.

Immediate data capturing and reporting​ Via our Bat System

The Bath BoothTM Premium has been cleverly designed to perform multiple digital functions that make occupational health and safety at the workplace extremely easy to manage.

If a person is affected by heat, decision-making is already compromised. That’s why the Bat BoothTM Premium immediately tells the affected worker via an internally located screen what their next steps should be.

But someone else also needs to be notified immediately if a worker’s body temperature is elevated. The Bat BoothTM Premium incorporates a smart system that sends a message to a designated individual in real time. This message includes the Bat Booth’sTM location and ID of the booth user and the measured data.

The Bat BoothTM Premium stores all captured data, making it easy for senior management to track trends and monitor the wellbeing of their staff remotely in what is known as the Bat System.

The Bat BoothTM Premium might be the solution to your operation’s dust and occupational health headaches.

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