Dustron® - The only dust suppression chemicals you need

We have an extraordinary solution to solve fugitive dust on haul roads and stockpiles. Dustron® is a unique multi-purpose range of dust suppression chemicals that effectively combats dust.

Eco-friendly dust suppression solution

Non-toxic and eco-friendly, Dustron® dust suppression chemicals can suppress up to 95% of dust without causing damage to the environment and people’s health. Used on haul roads, Dustron® preserves and often improves the wearing layer of the road after multiple applications.

Dustron® is also good for the environment in the way that it reduces the overall water usage for dust suppression, leading to fewer trips and less fuel consumption.

The consequences of fugitive dust

An increased focus on occupational lung diseases by safety authorities around the world, even in third-world countries, puts pressure on businesses to provide effective dust control systems. 

The issue of fugitive dust on haul roads and for stockpiles is an important occupational safety issue for business operators as it presents unique challenges.

Uncontrolled high and wide clouds of dust affect visibility, damage equipment, slow down work and present a safety hazard to staff. Harmful dust particles such as silica may lead to serious occupational lung diseases such as silicosis, pneumoconiosis and even lung cancer.

The common method of spraying dust with only water often causes overwatering, which comes with its own set of problems: muddy slippery conditions, increased rate of vehicle collisions with safety berms and damaged road surface.
Many common dust suppressants diluted in water (calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium, calcium lignosulphonate, etc) can result in chemicals leaching, metal corrosion, environmental or surface damage and can cause skin and lung irritation.

The Dustron® solution

Added to a water spraying system, the Dustron® chemicals lower the surface tension of the water particles, making it easier for the water and dust particles to conglomerate. As a result, dust sinks to the bottom instead of floating on top.

What makes Dustron® an obvious choice in dust suppression is the fact that it works with your current dust suppression system to increase its effectiveness, while saving you water, time and money.

The many benefits of switching to Dustron®

A robust solution in occupational health and safety

  • Dustron® reduces up to 80% of respirable dust (less than +50mm)
  • Provides a safe working environment through effective control of respiratory hazards
  • Converts fine dust particles (more than +50mm) into lumps
  • Improves road condition through dust lumps creating a more compact, smoother surface
  • Doesn’t damage the wearing layer of the road
  • Doesn’t result in overwatering or mud formation, maintaining safe road conditions.

Big cost savings

  • Dustron® minimises water usage by up to 80%, as less spraying is required
  • Minimises diesel usage by up to 80%, as fewer trips are needed
  • Can reduce your vehicle fleet
  • Increase in lifespan of tyres, lubricants and spare parts due to clean environment
  • Increased life span of water tankers and their parts as it’s non-corrosive
  • Increased overall productivity and lower maintenance costs.

Safe for human health

  • Non-volatile, non-flammable and non-corrosive
  • No adverse effect upon contact with skin, eyes or lungs through inhalation.

Big cost savings

  • Biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Doesn’t negatively affect surrounding areas,  agriculture crops or vegetation
  • No effect on earthworms, birds, aquatic life and animals in the area
  • No effect on water sources due to chemical leaching
  • No pollution of surrounding areas.

Eco-friendly dust suppression solution

Dustron® is applied as an effective dust suppression solution on haul roads, stockpiles, mineral stock yards, drilling areas, excavation sites, bulk material handling sites, crusher house transfer points, waste dump yards, fly ash handling sites, storage facilities, loading terminals and demolition sites.

Dustron® acts as an effective dust suppression solution in the following industries:

  • Quarries
  • Ports
  • Rail
  • Civic
  • Infrastructure/engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Transport… and more.

Partner with the experts in dust suppression

At Mideco, we are committed to occupational health and safety through the effective suppression or collection of fugitive dust. We wholly believe in all our products, and Dustron® has proven itself as an industry leading name in dust suppression.

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