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Bag House Filtres/Dust Collectors

Filters / Dust Collectors

Mideco manufactures four range
of Filters / Dust Collectors: 

  • Economy Dust Collectors
  • Tubular Pulse Dust Collectors
  • Reverse Air Filters / Dust Collectors
  • Ultra High Efficiency After Filters

Using the base technology within these four filters Mideco can develop a product that fulfils your application criteria exactly. Amongst many variations Mideco can provide are:

  • a wide range of filter fabrics and fabric coatings
  • clean on demand systems
  • customised instrumentation and control systems
  • high temperature resistance
  • high pressure – heavy wall casing
  • explosion panels
  • alternative materials such as stainless steel
  • insulated filter body and hopper
  • specialised paints and internal coatings
  • heated systems for moisture management

Economy Filters 

Mideco Economy filters have been designed to maximise the filter cloth area while minimising the space requirements. They are available with pulse or shaker cleaning systems.

The economy filter / dust collector range includes the essentials required for effective operation. The filter can be customised as required with the addition of maintenance platforms, ladders, gas strut lids and insulation/cladding. 

Originally the economy filter found its home on silo tops as a bin vent. Its unique design has since seen economy filters used:

  • on conveyor transfer points
  • as a small/compact standalone filter with hopper
  • in tight spaces – assembled in place
  • in low head room applications
  • with offline reverse air heating to manage high moisture applications

Mideco’s dedication to ease of service is evidenced by the ability to rebag the filter entirely from the clean side.

Tubular Pulse Filters

Although similar in appearance to generic pulse-jet filters our high
efficiency design incorporates industry leading features.

Ease of Service

Mideco’s Tubular Pulse / dust collector Filters have been designed for a “no tools rebag” that provides minimal down time for refurbishment.


Mideco’s ladders and access platforms have been designed to meet and exceed the Australian Standards. All serviceable items are accessible from the top platform of the filter which is completely free of trip hazards. The compressed air system includes a self bleeding lockout ball valve.


Mideco offers unequalled flexibility in its Tubular Pulse / dust collector range. We can accommodate a wide range of inlet/outlet sizes and positions, bag fabrics, mounting structures and casing materials. Our bag houses can be arranged as a stand alone units or configured into a cellular configuration that allows for individual cells to be taken of line for cleaning or maintenance.

Reverse Air Filters

  • Mideco’s range of reverse air dust collectors excel in extremely arduous applications. Applications involving high temperature and high moisture, such as dryers are easily handled by this type of filter. 
  •   Mideco reverse air filters / dust collector return remarkable results where the dust load is very high and the emission is required to be very low. It’s also well suited to dusts that are ultra fine, hygroscopic or sticky.  
  • The key to this filter’s success and abilities is its cleaning system. Reverse air cleaning is extremely efficient and very gentle on the filter fabric.  The benefits being lower emissions (10 mg/Nm3) and lower power consumption.  
  • The most unique benefit of the reverse air filter is its ability to preserve the filter bags. Our experience has shown 10 to 20 years on lead barton pots and carbon black banburies has been easily achieved.
  • The Mideco reverse air filter / dust collector delivers a vast amount of cloth in a compact package.  This combined with flexible inlet/outlet configurations allows the Mideco reverse air filter to fit in tight spaces in existing infrastructure.

Ultra High Efficiency After Filters

Mideco has developed expertise in the use of the latest in ultra-fine filtration media to achieve emission limits of down to 0.5 micrograms/m3.

Mideco developed the after filters in response to a customer need for high volume ultra high efficiency filtration to manage air contaminated with lead dust.  Environmental authorities placed emission limits of 0.5 micrograms/m3 on the application, far beyond the reach of normal bag house technologies.  With the use of coated bags in a Mideco reverse air filter followed by an ultra high efficiency after filter, Mideco was able to meet the application requirements.

Working with suppliers of leading edge ultra high efficiency media, we are able to develop solutions that will deliver results that many consider impossible.

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