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Personnel De-dusting Booth System

Background Information

We spend one third of our life at work.

Work is the place where we come into contact with the highest quantity of people, thus being exposed to a large and varied quantity of potential diseases and then possibly spreading them to others.

One of the signs of a potential illness is elevated body temperature. 

When body temperature is elevated the brain cannot function properly. This puts a worker and their co-workers at risk instantly.

If it is the result of an infectious disease, example being COVID-19, then an outcome can be even catastrophic for both the worker and anyone they come in contact with, be that at work or outside work.

Work is also where we are often injured or exposed to various hazards.

Work injuries, specifically at industrial environments like mines, quarries or manufacturing sites, include, in high proportion, those, which destroy lungs over time.   Speaking about negative impact on lungs, silicosis, “black lung” or lung cancer are the most commonly obtained due to the occupational environment in these industries.

It has been proven that dusty uniform increases a worker’s exposure to respirable dust. Respirable dusts are particles considered to have an aerodynamic diameter of 10 microns (10 µm) or less and able to enter and deposit into the gas-exchange region of the human lung. A study has found that once clothes become contaminated, they create a 10-fold increase in risk of exposing workers to dust hazards. Furthermore, the risk of dust exposure continues to remain, until the dust source is cleaned or removed.

Mideco’s Solution

Mideco determined that cross infections and injuries could be reduced by introducing equipment and systems into a workplace itself.

Mideco has developed a Quick, Safe and Effective method of body temperature measuring to slow infection among workers on site and highlight irregularities and to eliminate one source of respirable dust.

Bat Booth® 2

The Bat Booth® 2 uses a medically calibrated infra-red sensor to measure the occupant’s temperature.  It does this in less than half a second and reports it to the occupant real time.

The control panel inside the booth changes colour, eliminates and provides an instruction thus making the decision he should make quite obvious.

Besides, Bat Booth® 2 uses the NIOSH design high volume, low pressure compressed air to safely dislodge dust from a contaminated clothing. This method of cleaning takes only 10-12 seconds.

Who needs to know?

It is one thing to measure something, however if that information does not get to the relevant source or location there is little point in measuring it.

If a worker has an elevated body temperature, he or she needs to know.  The information needs to be very clear because an affected person is already not making optimum decisions.

However, this may not be enough. 

Bat Booth® 2 is capable of sending a message to a designated individual real time. The information delivered includes a location of a booth, an ID of a current booth user and data, measured while use.  Thus, facilitating a process where a responsible for workers’ safety person can respond accordingly.   

At a higher level, senior management can track trends and monitor the wellbeing of their staff remotely.


The following safety features have been incorporated into the Bat Booth® 2:

  • Dual start buttons to prevent accidental start.
  • Stop button to shut off compressed air flow.
  • Height adjustable de-dusting jets prevent air from being directed above shoulder height.
  • PPE signage – PPE requirements are dust mask and eye & ear protection as a minimum due to the compressed air and airborne dust.
  • LED lighting inside dust booth.
  • Low voltage electrics for control, lighting and instrumentation.
  • Low noise level (70dBa) inside booth.

The Cleaning Process

The dust collector fan draws clean air into the booth through louvers mounted high on the side panels, creating a down draft. Simultaneously the de-dusting air jets blow the dust off the person’s clothing as they turn around slowly. The compressed air and dust are then carried with the clean air to the integrated dust collector.

During operation, the booth is maintained under negative pressure at all times. This ensures that, all of the dust removed from the worker’s soiled clothing is contained within the cleaning booth and captured by the dust collector before the cleaned air is exhausted.

What’s inside?

Dust collector

The dust collector is a cartridge type filtering system integrated into the de-dusting booth package. The dust collector design is inclusive of:

  • HEPA, cartridge filter elements.
  • The efficiency of these elements is 99.9% for particles less than 0.4µm.
  • Ventilation fan built into the back of the booth.
  • The impellor of this fan is polycarbonate, allowing for blade design to be of the highest available efficiencies.  This is in terms of flow, pressure and noise.

Build-in tablet

The build-in tablet for easy operation and real time feedback, data storage and distribution.

Simple login

Easy start with one touch

Track your progress

Completion of operation, transferring data to managers

Electrical Control System

The electrical control system requires a single 3 phase connection which supplies power to all the elements of the system.  All field devices and external user control panels are 0V contacts or 24V DC to minimise risks to users and maintenance personnel.

Air Receiver

The air receiver is compliant with relevant

Standards and is supplied with supporting documentation should registration be required.

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