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Worker Exposure To Respirable Dust

A recent assessment was performed by the NSW Government to provide an in-depth look at the “control measures for respirable dust management and their implementation”. The assessment was undertaken by a multi-disciplined team of Mine Safety inspectors for NSW underground coal mines.

The specific findings highlighted the need to:

  • ensure the “Ventilation Control Plan” accurately records the ventilation quantities required for safe production to occur;
  • develop a “Standard for Ventilation” where cement products are used in underground coal mines;
  • and review “Procedures for Activities” carried out on the return side of dust generating activities.

Targeted assessments are always seen as a valuable process capable of identifying critical risk control issues not previously uncovered by conventional inspection regimes in mines, quarries and other commercial environments. This approach also highlighted the strong benefits of using a multidisciplinary inspection team to identify issues across a range of areas through one activity.

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