The value of preventive maintenance

Implementing a preventive maintenance service plan for your pollution control equipment is much like carrying out routine repairs and inspections on your vehicle. Not only is completing scheduled maintenance recommended by every auto manufacturer, but the findings can help detect a wide range of ailments under the hood before they become serious issues.

Preventive maintenance helps ensure the ongoing integrity of your dust collection equipment. Regardless of the exact course of action you choose, an effective preventive maintenance plan will save time and money by minimizing process interruption and the costs of downtime, as well as enhancing your overall return on investment by extending the lifespan of your critical pollution control equipment.

Downtime is disastrous

No matter how you assess it, downtime carries an enormous price tag. Research indicates the cost of downtime can be crippling to a corporation, with sometimes severe financial implications. Some of the preventable causes for down time are:

  • Human error
  • Incorrect operating procedures
  • Poor equipment design
  • Insufficient maintenance
  • Defective parts
  • End of life/product wear outetc

Effective preventive maintenance plan

A number of measures are recommended to ensure the ongoing integrity of your pollution control equipment including:

  • Regular scheduled preventive maintenance for all pollution control equipment
  • Access to emergency response from trained Midecotechnicians on critical filters
  • On-site spare parts inventory or local field technicians with an-stocked with required parts
  • Access to technical support during escalation of problem
  • Remote monitoring and rapid response
  • Adherence to recommended parts replacement cycles, especially items that wear out more quickly such as pulse valve diaphragms, traveller seals, tracks & wheels etc
  • Understanding of the life cycle and total cost of ownership of the equipment
  • Maintaining accurate records

A successful preventive maintenance plan takes into account the age and actual wear of the equipment to determine wherea specific filter is relative to its expected lifespan. It can also help customers budget for major replacement items like filter element change etc. A maintenance strategy should also include an understanding of priorities for continuous operations.

All equipment contains life-limited components that must be replaced according to the manufacturer’s specifications. To ensure these parts are properly cared for and replaced when needed, regular preventive maintenance is critical. It an essential component and solution to keep your equipment operating at peak performance.


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