The project for Semaphore Container Services is finished

Last year we were approached by the Semaphore Container Services in Osborne, South Australia. The company is an owner of a bulk out-loading vessel service operation in port Adelaide.

The Semaphore Container Services wanted to address dust issues during grain unloading as the company is located close to a residential area. The operation included grain unloaded via a chute from 20 tonne containers. We have recommended Model 1, Burnley® Baffles to be installed in the hopper as this model is specifically designed for grain processing. In fact this has been Burnley® Baffles’s most popular application in Australia and overseas since it was designed in the late 1970th. On its own Burnley® Baffles can provide 75% dust escape without the use of additional dust extraction equipment. In this case, to dramatically reduce dust during grain unloading Mideco has also recommended the Dust Collector ECP20.

The plans have been developed as per client’s specifications and all equipment successfully implemented in January this year. This was the project for high efficiency direct extraction and product return chute.

At Mideco we take pride in helping our clients and enjoy the challenge of a unique dust suppression problem. Can we help you with your dust issues? Contact us today to discuss your dust extraction needs.

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