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The Origin of the Mideco Brand and The Bat Booth®

In the late 1970’s the Mideco brand symbol was developed. Stan White discussed his intentions with staff at the time, wanting Mideco to have a visual identity and purpose.

The Mideco “M” was adopted resembling a “Fruit Bat” – known to have the best overall vision of all bat species. They use their vision in conjunction with their sense of smell so that they are able to find their food sources. These senses also serve to help them avoid dangerous situations.

They are a big type of bat and they are said to be among the most unique of the more than 1,200 species that have so far been identified.

Mideco as a business stands for these qualities. Known for being unique in the industry and having a vision to support our customers to be “protected from dangerous environmental situations with our technically advanced products providing real solutions to airborne related risks”.

Today, Mideco works hard to continuously innovate and develop products that play a critical role in minimising the risks posed by airborne contaminants and harmful dust particles in mining, quarrying and manufacturing environments. An example of this work in progress, is Mideco’s hero product – originally packaged with the Mideco “M” Fruit Bat logo on its side. This product was branded the Bat® Booth.

P1030748 Altered SQUARE HRT his product brand name was immediately trademarked and now Mideco take orders with customers’ specifying the Bat® Booth.

Designed as a Personnel De-dusting / clothes cleaning Booth to use safe, regulated compressed air to create a curtain of air to blow dust off worker’s contaminated clothing; and contain and capture air-borne dust using a dust filtering system.

The process takes only 10-12 seconds and tests have shown a 50% improvement in dust removed from clothes over other methods. The Bat Booth™ is supplied completely assembled on a skid base. Once on site, compressed air and power connections are all that is required to be fully operational.