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The Hidden Dangers Of Dust Resuspension On Workers’ Clothing

Whether it’s coming from roads, transfer points, processes or machinery – its presence has always been a huge problem for many companies. One point that is often overlooked, or dealt with poorly, is harmful dust particles once they have landed on clothing.

McDonagh and Byrne, physicists from the University of Ireland in Galway, Republic of Ireland, who both specialise in dust particulates, demonstrate the dangers of dust clothing resuspension in an article they published in the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. The physicists found that on average 67 per cent of dust on a person’s clothing will resuspend itself into the air during physical activity, allowing dust to be inhaled. To read the McDonagh and Byrne article in full – click here.

This dust when inhaled can have serious issues for workers’ health, from lung cancers, tuberculosis to silicosis – which is permanent scarring on the lungs as a result of breathing in silica dust, a common dust in quarries and mines. There have been many solutions to the problem of dust collection from dustpan brushes to portable dust blow-off devices, but these don’t solve the problems associated with resuspension.

Mideco believe we have the definitive solution to the problem – called the Bat Booth™ – a stand alone personnel dust booth, that can be placed anywhere on a worksite and in 10 seconds blows the dust off the worker and then sucks it through the floor. Other alternatives have proven to be risky, slow, ineffective and do not contain the dust when dislodged from clothing.