The Burnley® Baffle Story

John Holland was building a malting facility for KBB Malting in Perth, Western Australia.
 The project required dust control on the barley receiving hoppers, a specification had been written and provided to possible suppliers.
 Mideco won the contract to supply the dust collectors. This contract was ex works.

A photo of the project can be seen in the National Library of Australia;
 Mideco’s dust collector can be seen as the brown box in the bottom left corner of the photo.

The design was inadequate, when the first load of barley was received dust went everywhere.

Jonathon Burston, essentially the second B in KBB Malting saw the problem and knew it had to be overcome quickly.
 He assigned his best engineer, Bob Henley to the task.
 The initial thinking took place in Jonathon’s office where he had a kitchen tidy with a swivel inverted ‘V’ lid, and the thinking went from there.

Meanwhile John Holland had contacted Mideco accusing them of providing equipment that was inadequate.

Stan White of Mideco took the call in Melbourne and was on the next flight to Perth.
 He arrived in Perth and quickly proved the dust collectors were operating to specification, and that the error was in the design specification.

By then Bob had solved the main problem, had the first design built and installed by the time Stan got there.

Jonathon and Stan could see the potential of the idea immediately.
 Stan gave it a name, naming it after those who had taken the initiative to solve the problem.
 BUR after Burston and NLEY after Henley, BURNLEY®.
 Jonathon and Stan were quick to protect the intellectual property. 
A deal was struck, and in time Mideco bought out the deal.
 Jonathon Burston went on to do many valuable things with his life, both within and external to the malting industry.
 Bob Henley stayed with Barrett Burston as their lead engineer until his retirement, always progressing the industry.
Quickly Mideco evolved the design and worked out all the engineering parameters to develop the original idea into a fully engineered multiple industry specific product.
 Today there are 5 different models of Burnley® Baffles with specific differences applicable to specific applications.
The vision that Jonathon and Stan had, has been proven to be correct, with Burnley® Baffles being marketed and used throughout the world.

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