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Servicing Your Dust Collection Equipment Just Got Easier

Mideco’s Service Department offers the technical support our customers can rely on. Providing you with the peace of mind, we ensure your dust collection products and systems operate as effectively as the day they were installed and in some cases we even improve their capability and performance.

This is critical and part of our mission to keep our customers’ workers and operating environment safe from the harmful elements of dust and airborne contaminants. Mideco work hard to provide tailored products and solutions for all types of applications and activities involved with mining, extraction, drilling, crushing, hauling and stockpiling industrial materials. The key benefit of our products and solutions is reliability – perfectly suited for mines, quarries or any commercial environment where dust contamination poses a health hazard.

Mideco provide services for all types of dust collectors, scrubbers, fans and duct-work systems ranging from scheduled preventative maintenance, to emergency after hours response for breakdown repairs. Our Service Department is fully equipped with all the necessary resources and personnel to ensure that your equipment lasts as long as possible giving lower operating costs due to reduced down time.

We also provide assessments and overhauls of dust collection systems including redesign for greater efficiency of operation and upgrades of dust collectors for better performance. Call us to discuss the development of a specific service offering that fits with your site specific needs.