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RONPHOS chooses Mideco for Dust Collection System

RONPHOS, on the Pacific Island Nation of Nauru have had a dust problem for decades.

Their product is Phosphate, a key ingredient in fertiliser.

The dust was so bad it could be seen from the air when flying into Nauru, destroying the idealistic living location for many of the islanders.

Mideco has a track record of success with projects of this type, having successfully completed a project 4 times larger, on Christmas Island Indian Ocean.



RONPHOS staff visited Christmas Island as part of the decision to go with Mideco.

On the 23rd of August 2023, a contract was signed with Mideco to design and supply dust collection equipment that would form the nucleolus of solving the RONPHOS dust problem.

The total project includes work to their burner train, moving a nest of cyclones, the Mideco dust collector and a new dust bagging plant.

Mideco’s part of the project being, the design of relocating the cyclones, the design and supply of the dust collector, and a system to convey the dust from the dust collector to the new dust bagging plant.

The above illustration itemises, what Mideco will be designing and manufacturing, what is on site now and will be re-used, what Mideco is designing and RONPHOS altering and what Mideco is buying from outside contractors for the project.

In the drawing above, the green box on the left represents the kiln drop out box, the air and dust flows across the page to the right.  There are 2 sizes of dust represented, big red dots represent above 40microns in size and small red dots represent below 40microns in size.  All the air carrying the dust is drawn from the kiln drop out box at the left.  It flows through the cyclones and the big dust is taken out and drop into the screw conveyor underneath.  It then flows through the dust collector and the small dust is separated and falls into the screw conveyor underneath.  All the dust is conveyed to the dust bagging system.  The clean air, the blue dots, is simultaneously blown back to atmosphere.  The dust that was blowing all over AIWO is bagged and sold.

The dust collector is a Mideco model 45A

Manufacture is on Schedule.

There are to be two main deliveries.

The first is the support structure and underside of the dust collector. These components have been ready and available for collection for some time now.

The second being the dust collector itself, the fans, the screw conveyors, and the duct. They are days away from completion.

We look forward to assisting RONPHOS further with this project said Melton White, Managing Director at Mideco.

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