One more recognition for dust collection services from SKM Recycling

We are pleased to announce Mideco has recently won a contract for a project at SKM Recycling.

SKM recycling is Australian’s industry leader in processing of recyclables. They provide a diverse range of recyclable sorting and collection services to councils and commercial, industrial, manufacturing organisations.

The company has requested Mideco to design a dust solution for glass manufacturing. This is an urgent project that would require a delivery within two months. Mideco will be producing two dust collectors with the capacity of 45.000m3/hr each for their Victoria and South Australian sites.

At Mideco we manufacture four types of filters:

Using the base technology within these four types we are able to customise specifically to your product and dust problem. You can read more about our filters here.

With 60 years of expertise and knowledge in the dust extraction industry, Mideco can design and implement a dust suppression solution for the most challenging projects. Call us today to discuss your company environmental needs.

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