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Occupational Hygiene: A Dust Management Case Study

Mideco was proud to be a part of the Institute of Quarrying Australia’s Safety & Health Seminar in Brisbane last week. The Institute works hard to provide world class professional development for the extractive industry, establish an Australian Quarrying Academy and align service offerings with industry needs.

At the seminar we heard from Russel Wilson – General Manager Quarries in QLD from Boral on “Occupational Hygiene: A Dust Management Case Study”. Russel described the practical steps taken on site to improve the hygiene of employees and contractors by reducing exposure to airborne dust at Boral’s quarry operation. He also discussed the legislation in QLD to ensure workers’ exposure to respirable dust is at the acceptable levels, personal protective equipment is always provided and we all work hard to suppress airborne dust so a worker’s safety is not threatened.

Mideco showcased the Bat Booth™at the Seminar – a device specifically designed to keep workers safe from the harmful elements of dust. The Bat Booth™ will help companies like Boral adhere to the legislation and prevent dust related diseases.

At the Seminar there was genuine excitement as Industry Safety Managers asked questions and learnt more about the benefits the Bat Booth™ can provide back to their workers and organisations. Mideco would like to thank the organisers of the Seminar and the Institute of Quarrying Australia for the opportunity to present and share information about the Bat Booth™.