Next Bat Booths™ service run is scheduled – software update

In April all of Mideco’s local Bat Booths™ are scheduled for service and this time it will include a software update.

A regular service of our equipment is part of Mideco’s client offering. Our Bat Booths™, Burnley® Baffles and other dust collectors come with engineering support and undergo regular maintenance.

In this service run Mideco engineers will update the software for all the Australian Bat Booths™ to the latest version. Now our clients will be able to see how much the Bat Booths™ are used by tracking the number of blasts.

During our last service in November 2017, we collected data that shows a Bat Booth™ is usually engaged around 4200 times per year. We found that once a Bat Booth™ is on site, it’s used so frequently the filters wear out quicker then anticipated. It’s not surprising. All you have to do is press a button and in ten seconds the dust has been permanently removed from a staff’s uniform. To meet the demand we had to increase our scheduled service runs up to four per year – every 3-4 months.

Updating the software is the next step which will allow our clients to monitor the filters status and replace them in timely manner. For example, if the Bat Booth™ is used a hundred times per month, we advise to change the filters twice a year.

At Mideco we continue to accumulate and apply our dust solutions knowledge to improve our products and to benefit our clients.

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