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A Poetic Ode to lung disease by Mike Brady

Damn this BLACK hole in the ground

That’s robbed these men of life


Some just boys as young can be


Never knowing love or life


Damn this dust that rots our lungs

And the sickness we endure

And the wealthy lords

Who have grown so fat

On the profits we ensure


But there’s one thing I can promise

And it’s on the lips of men

I’ve done my time here underground

And I’ll nere’ go down again


The power of this nation

Has been driven by the coal

By the toil of generations



sweated down this hole.

This game has come

a long way yet

But still far too many die

For the profits of those


Who never looked us in the eye


So damn you all who let us


Toward a fate you knew

And tho I may no longer be

My words will tell it true


We did our job and payed the price

Tho be our lives so short

Let’s hope there is an afterlife

Where they pay the price

They ought!!


– With Permission,

Mike Brady