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Mideco’s Key Achievements

To help keep all workers and their environment safe, Mideco provide dust control and management solutions tailored to mining, extraction work, drilling, crushing, hauling and stockpiling of industrial materials. Australian owned and managed, Mideco have been operating for more than sixty years with a proven record in diverse projects.

We are proud of our products and services and some of our key achievements in 2016-2017 included:

  • Sold 10 units of the Bat Booth (for the first year after its launch)
  • Burnley Baffles are installed in the USA, Canada, Ukraine, China (besides Australia)
  • Christmas Island Phosphates project – dust collector for 100.000 m3/hour
  • Mideco donated AUD $5,000 to the Mac.Robertson Girls’ H.S.
  • Mideco donated AUD $2,000 to Fred Hollows Foundation

Our project case studies prove the deliverables of these solutions to provide the benefits of a safe working environment. If you have a dust control problem, Mideco aim to be a part of your solution.