Mideco’s agent in Ecuador

New Year 2020 is marked by a great success for Mideco.

We are delighted to announce that MIDECO has secured another partnership agreement with one more agent in South America: APD Proyectos Innovacion company has become an exclusive distributor of Mideco’s innovative Bat Booth® in Ecuador.

This initiative marks a new milestone in the evolution of Mideco’s customer relations globally.

Mideco’s new partner (http://www.apdproyectos.com/) offers high-level strategic services supporting the industries that operate in Ecuador. The company is specifically strong in Ecuadorian mining and cement industries – the areas Mideco has been supplying its dust control solutions for more than 50 years worldwide.

The Director of APD Proyectos Innovacion – Juan Fernando Benalcázar reckons that globally recognized Bat Booth® personal cleaning system for employees’ clothes will be highly on demand in mining and cement industries in Ecuador. Most important is its contribution to prevention of hazardous risk of silicosis and other lung diseases.

Bat Booth® is specifically designed in accordance with NIOSH concept of safe and efficient clothes cleaning system. Besides, it is evaluated and tested for safety risks by Underwriters Laboratories – one of the most reliable safety certification companies in the world.

Ecuador is the second country in Latin America, where Bat Booth® will be supplied and promoted, while continuously gaining trust and credibility in Australia and worldwide.


APD Proyectos, Cia. Ltda.

Phone: +593 98 068 3592
Email: businessdevelopment@apdproyectos.com
Web: www.apdproyectos.com
Barón de Carondelet Oe3-39, Quito, Ecuador

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