“Mideco” wins ABH Award for Best Practice in WH&S

The “Australian Bulk Handling Award” event gathers an audience of bulk handling engineers and technicians together to celebrate outstanding performance and high achievement across various facets of their industry.

Dubbed “The Bulkies” by Master of Ceremonies James Valentine, the ninth annual Australian Bulk Handling Awards was held on the night of sixth November, 2014 at Doltone House, Darling Harbour in Sydney. There were winners from all corners of Australia’s bulk and powder handling communities.

Mideco Dust Control won the “Highly Commended” award in the category of “Best Practice in Work Health & Safety”. The award was presented for the “Bat Booth” a cleverly designed de-dusting system, that Safely and quickly removes dust from worker’s dust contaminated clothing. Mideco Dust Control realised there was a void in protecting workers from dust hazards during the de-dusting process. The commonly used, high-risk, single point air hose method is deemed as un-safe practice across Australia and is being banned on most sites.

This prompted the innovative Mideco team to engineer a Safe, Quick and Effective solution for cleaning dust contaminated clothing. Hence, the Bat Booth came to be in existence.

Safety and environmental considerations were important engineering priorities and the same is reflected in the safety and operational features of the Bat Booth. Features preventing accidental start, instant isolation of compressed air are some of the safety features of the bat Booth. During operation, the booth is maintained under negative pressure at all times. This ensures that, all dust liberated from the workers clothes is drawn down and away from the workers breathing zone. The contaminated air stream is contained within the cleaning booth and captured by the integrated dust collector. Only clean filtered air is exhausted.

The Mideco Bat Booth is a workers best friend and is a must have for dusty work environments. It caters to a very wide range of industries and applications.

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