Mideco new agent in Ukraine

Mideco is pleased to be able to strengthen the partnership with Adept-Project this year, our new agent in Odessa, Ukraine.

We first connected with Adept-Project in December 2017, after our US representative sold Burnley® Baffles to one of their clients. The partnership has developed, and we are now working on several big projects that require dust control design and implementation solutions. Amongst others these will include Burnley® Baffles – our internationally patented dust suppression device.

Most of the projects we’ll be assisting with are related to grain processing. It’s no surprise as Ukraine is one of the biggest grain exporters in the world. The country’s grains export in 2016/17 hit record-high of 43.8M tons, which is significantly higher than its previous season’s record of 39M tons.

The Adept-Project company, which is a part of ADEPT-GROUP, is a strong and reliable supplier of engineering solutions for port facilities building in Ukraine. We are confident our Burnley® Baffles will prove invaluable for grain loading in the Black Sea region. After all this dust suppression device has been streamlining dry granular bulk raw materials processing in many companies around the world since the 1970th. Click here to see just some of the projects Burnley® Baffles have been part of.

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