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Mideco is participating in IMARC 2020 Virtual Expo and Conference

Mideco is meeting the global mining leaders and connecting them with Australian-made Bat Booth 2.0 for dedusting and fever-checking frontline workers.

Mideco and its Bat Booth 2.0 are participating in IMARC Online which will run from 24-27 November 2020 to bring together the exhibitors from around the world showcasing the latest mining projects, technology and innovations.

Following on the participation in IMARC Online last year, we are proud to present a newly-designed / launched dust control engineering product that combats two central problems for mine operators – dust exposure and body temperature spikes – with a single solution: Bat Booth 2.0.

One system to help protect your entire site from health risks including COVID-19, CWP and silicosis by its functions in:

  • De-dusting frontline workers to reduce the risk of silicosis, CWP, farmer’s lungs, etc.
  • Checking user body temperature to detect heat-stress or possible viral infection
  • Automatically alerting users, onsite managers and offsite managers to anomalies

Correct clothes decontamination reduces these risks by up to 88%. Regular measurements can alert you before they become critical. Immediate reaction saves lives.

Come to our presentation to learn more about Bat Booth 2.0 for protecting the health and safety of frontline workers in mining and quarrying, explore interactive Mideco virtual stand and book meetings with us on-line.